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with 13.3″ Display Mix 6 x Input Formats up to 1080p60 2 x HDMI and 4 x SDI Auto-Detect Inputs 1080p60 and 1080i60 Scaled PGM Out USB 3.0 Type-C Live Streaming Output 1 x HDMI and 2 x SDI PGM Outputs 1 x HDMI and 1 x SDI Multiview Outputs 1 x SDI AUX Output (PGM or PVW) 3.5mm...
BrandAvmatrix ConditionNew
Brand: Blackmagic Condition: New Warranty Issuer: Manufacturer
BrandBlackmagic ConditionNew
Brand: Blackmagic
BrandBlackmagic ConditionNew
Compact 4-Channel Video Switcher 4 x Autodetected HDMI Inputs HDMI PGM and Multiview Outputs 1 x USB Type-C Output to Computer Apps Supports up to 1080p60 Video I/O Luma/Chroma Key, Mix/Fade/Wipe Effects T-Bar, Auto, and Cut Transitions Audio Mixing, Multiview, PiP Layout
Brand: Hollyland Condition: New Warranty Issuer: Manufacturer
BrandHollyland ConditionNew
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